Safe Ways For Senior Dating Online

Dating online and socialising is a great way for seniors to find their perfect match, someone who shares similar interests, opinions and thoughts as you do. However, considering the increasing number of scammers out there, being cautious about safety turns out to be of utmost importance. Not sure how to remain secured when using senior dating app and are looking for the best ways to keep yourself protected?

senior couple

Worry no more, as this article features the top five tips that must be followed in order to ensure safe online dating for seniors.

1. Choose a reliable platform

The first and perhaps the most obvious thing is: “join the best dating sites or apps that guarantee the safety of the user”. Therefore, before selecting any platform or understanding how to use a senior dating app take optimal time to research more about the various aspects and what do its previous users have to say. Reputable platforms are often equipped with email verification and high standard security encryption so that only 100% genuine singles are part of the community.

2. Create your profile cautiously

Well, building a profile is part of almost every senior dating apps. This is one of those key elements that allows people to know more about you even before they have contacted you. Now, while working with the profile make sure that you fill the information cautiously. Though it can be great to have a complete and detailed profile, yet sharing too much personal information is not such a wise idea either.

Learn to prioritise critical information and never share them on your profile at once, because this can make you prone to scammer attack in no time.   

3. Beware of the scammers

There are many signals that indicate the person whom you are dating online might be a scammer, and making note of the same can apparently save you from potential threats. Some of these are:

  • Professing their love quickly: Scammers are eager to make their move, and thus state that they are in love and that too at a relatively early stage of conversation. Often it is seen that women become a victim of such thieves while men are misled thinking that they are dating a younger women.
  • Not being able to meet: The main agenda of senior dating app is to help you find someone whom you can date for real. But, for thieves it only about virtual contact that ultimately leads to cash transfer and then they are gone! A common trend is that scammers urge you to get off the site or app so that do not remain under the privacy restrictions of the platform.
  • The financial crisis story: Well, it’s no longer a mystery that scammers need money, and to get it they often frame stories indicating how miserable their financial situation is and they require money immediately. It’s the same in almost every case, so never ever fall a prey for it.

4. Always meet at a public place first

Even if you trust the person you have met online blindly, still to remain on a safer side it is best to fix the first date at a public spot. This can be anything to happening places of the town, cafes or more; that will give you an opportunity to know more about each other and at the same time keep you safe and protected.

5. Take advantage of app’s compatibility list

Most of the apps scrutinise the users who are part of their community and then generate a list of potential partners. Identifying your ultimate match that particular list of users is perhaps the safest way to date online.


When you hit 50, you should date a younger man? Why?

So you’re over 50 and you’re seeking younger men. That’s great news. In facts it’s fantastic. It’s not a state secret that lots of older women like to date younger men. Some surveys say that about 35% of older women like and prefer dating younger men. So what makes these two opposites click? Isn’t it natural for a younger man to date someone his age? The answer is a bit more complicated than it appears on the surface.

over 50 dating dinner

Women over 50 dating younger men have a lot of reasons for doing so. First on the list is that younger men in their 20’s and 30’s are more full of life and virile. They are more active and carry less if not no baggage with them. The cougars are aware that age is not kind to anyone. Surely a younger, athletic man would stand more chances that a man in his 40’s and 50’s who may be married, divorced, has children, a beer belly and thinning hair to boot? This is especially applicable to older women who take time out of their schedule to stay in prime shape, and spend loads of money on beauty treatment regimes. They want to get their money’s worth of flesh, pardon me the expression.

Over 50 dating would typically involve a lunch or dinner appointment, followed by a tumble in the haystack. In this regard, an older woman has way more experience in bed than a younger man; it gives her a sense of control and dominance, which is a heady rush and addictive as well. She can order her toy boy around in bed, while she’s in charge of proceedings. A lot of pleasure is what she derives out of this kind of relationship, and moreover the pressure of performing well in bed is transferred from the cougar to the cub, so that she can express herself fully.

The lack of choice is a big obstacle in the path of a woman who is in her 50’s. Most men her age are already taken, divorced and bitter, or simply not interested. Best dating sites for over 50 solves all these problems at the drop of a hat. Younger men are more than willing to enter into a relationship with older women because it gives them bragging rights over their peer group as well as a sense of adventure.

Women over 50 dating younger men are transported to a life that they had all but forgotten. The playful romance and dates take these women back to the days when they were young and energetic, full of life. Harsh as it may sound, life after 50 can become a bit of a drag, and we should not ever judge these women standing on a moral platform because one day, we’ll be in their shoes and feel pretty much the same. A cougar can catch up with the latest trends, movies, technology and music after being introduced to them by her young man.

A lot of women over 50 seeking younger men do so because they like to let off a bit of steam. There’s nothing like having an affair on the sly to get the hormones flowing. It’s akin to a toddler or a child doing something they are forbidden to. The elusive nature of these relationships make the cougar relish it even more. Younger guys are less serious, and they can be a lot of fun to be with. They do not take life as seriously yet, and their youthful outlook is bound to brush off on their cougars.


How To Write Perfect Dating Profile To Attract Seniors?

Many a person is turning to the internet in order to find companionship. While it’s alright and easy to write a profile for women/men your age, it’s quite not the same ball game when it comes to senior dating. There are many stages to creating a good senior dating profile; each and every step needs careful understanding and scrutiny. With the advent of smartphones there has been an onslaught of senior dating apps with plenty of takers. A senior dating app can be downloaded from the internet to your smartphone for free, though membership is not always free.

dating profile how to write

  1. What kind of person are you looking for: Before you get down to writing a dating profile, ask yourself what type of person you want to meet online. Your profile should be tailored to attract exactly that kind of a person.
  2. Take a new and updated photo: You just cannot go rummaging in your high school or graduation albums for a photo because that would not be a correct representation of how you look now. Years have passed, so take a new and current photo, with a good backdrop. Use a high resolution, because grainy photos don’t really make the cut.
  3. Fun and Positive: A great dating profile should give out positive vibes and at the same time be fun to read. Do not write about boring stuff, because all people do that. Remember that a good dating profile does not have stuff on it that moans and groans. Nobody wants to see you complain, especially a potential catch.
  4. Avoid taboo subjects: Besides avoiding negativity, your profile should avoid discussing things like religion and politics. A good profile should make the person seeing it interested in wanting to meet you. A sense of personality should be projected, along with clear ideals. After you start dating the person, you can start sharing more intimate details, but keep your profile short and sweet.
  5. What do you love?: Besides the all too obvious sex, talk about things that you love doing, and try to write things that you’re genuinely interested in. For example, you might like colleting stamps, so list that as a hobby, or fish keeping; something out of the ordinary that attracts attention. Avoid overdone clichés.
  6. It’s not an essay: Remember this golden rule, don’t make it sound like a boring and tedious essay. Your profile should have fun and spontaneity in it, along with a good dose of humour. It should be a flowing and easy read.
  7. To the point: Try to be as specific as you can. A generic dating profile won’t do. There are millions of them out there and they get overlooked all the time. Statements like “I love to travel” just don’t make the cut, I’m sorry. Where do you like to travel? There are lots of places in the world, duh.
  8. Take your own sweet time: This is a common mistake and please avoid it at all costs. You do not need to rush yourself, there’s no plane to catch here. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself when you start writing. It’s better to have a rough draft and then work on it.
  9. Concise: People are busy and do not have the time to go over all the details, so be as concise as you can; this is why I put stress on point 8. Having a rough draft helps.
  10. 10. Always be what you are: There’s no point in lying about yourself. Sooner or later you’ll be going out on a date and you don’t really want to be in over your head.


Over 40 people dating in Europe

Many say that if you’re over forty, the chances of finding a date are rare, close to nil. For women, surveys place them at the bottom of the heap, and men over 40 years of age have a 12% chance, if at all. However, these surveys do not tell the whole story. There are many 40 plus singles in Europe, and they are happy in their relationships. If you play your cards right, you can be a magnet as well. Read on to see how it’s possible.

Europe couple dating

  • Present your best image: In order to do so, you have to shape up. This includes avoiding junk food, regular sessions at the gym and grooming at the parlour. Many people dating over 40 in Norway say that looks don’t really matter, but hey, they do. A good hairdo, coupled with fashionable clothes does boost your chances.
  • Self Esteem: Take a good, hard look into the mirror and tell yourself you can do it. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you will not make it. Try to boost your confidence by being optimistic about it. If you meet people after 40 in Switzerland, you’ll be able to tell by the way they carry themselves.
  • Go-to places: You need to hang out at those places where people of the opposite sex and of the same age group generally go. For males, it could be a store which stocks baby supplies or jewellery. For females, male centric places like sporting goods stores, car dealerships etc. are good choices. Again, this is a generalisation, because pubs, bars, nightclubs are also good places to be at..
  • The internet: The web is a good place to look for consenting adults. You have the advantage of relative anonymity, coupled with safety. You should not venture out on a date until you get to know the person, his/her likes and dislikes, and how trustworthy they are. The site you choose should make you comfortable, and you should inspect some profiles before putting up your own. Talk more on community chat rooms but don’t give out personal info unless you’re really comfortable. This is not to scare you, but there are quite a few weirdoes out there as well.
  • Timing: This bit is crucial. Do not rush into it but take your time. Don’t try to be clingy and send messages all the time. It will only put them off. Keep an aura of mystery to spice things up.
  • Moving on with it: If things go well, you’ll find that your potential mate is talking about taking the relationship to the next level, including conversations about true love, finances and children. If these are things you are comfortable with, it’s ok; otherwise it’s best to move on to better hunting grounds. Again, bringing up the subject of your own children on a first date is not a great idea. A solid and concrete foundation has to be built because your children might resent the newcomer in their lives.
  • Rejection: If you see your date walking away from the relationship, do not lose hope, it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and many persons have found suitable partners after menopause too.

General tips and pitfalls to avoid:

A good and positive attitude, no matter what, sense of dressing, body hygiene, and a great sense of humour coupled with the ability to talk in the proper manner will definitely increase your chances exponentially when looking for a date over 40.

As far as safety is concerned, the first meeting should be at a public place, for example a restaurant. And last but not the least don’t be pressurised into having sex right away. That can wait for later until both of you are comfortable with it.

So go out and start looking, experience is the best teacher, and use it to your advantage, you’ll reap the benefits.


6 Myths About Dating Over Age 40- Busted

dating over age 40

Are you over 40 years of age and looking for dating? For many it may seem a crazy idea to get into love and romance after 40 years. In fact by the age of 40 years some of us may be thinking that the best days of our lives are over. So the last thing which may be on our mind is dating over age 40. Instead for some we may look back at the sweet and fond memories we may have had and reminiscing over them. For those whose past experiences in the field may not have been pleasant they may regret the past and may want to make a fresh start. Whichever categories you may be in let us assure you that there are a lot of myths about dating after 40 years.

We are here to point out some of the myths regarding the subject that are not true. At the same time let us assure you that there is nothing wrong if you are looking to date after 40 years. 

Facts you need to know about dating over age 40

1. The dating pool for those above 40 years is thin

This is not true. In fact in one of the surveys conducted by one of the leading dating websites that suggests that 50% of the population over 40 years is single. 49% of them are females, while 51 % are males.

2. All the good ones of my age are taken

At present statistics show that there are 20 million men and women are dating online. You must not assume that out of them none of them are good ones fit for you. We are sure that you would find your match one you try.

3. Midlife singles are always close minded 

Some may think that all men and women in their midlife are close minded. So they assume that they are not open for dating after 40. In fact some studies suggest that people after 40 years are more confident and open to life after 40 than their younger counterparts.

4. Dating over age 40 as is not for me as people may think I am not in good health

 This is another myth which needs to be clarified. With the advances made in medical sciences today one can live a much healthier and fitter life in spite of their age. So in case you eat healthy and exercise you can stay healthy and fit even after 40 years and date too.

5. People above 40 years of age have too much baggage

One may think that anyone who is above 40 years of age may have too many issues to deal with. This may be issues like having children or divorce. This may not be the case for all. So you need not take a generalised view of the same. 

6. After 40 years of above people get too eager or are indifferent 

This is not always true. A lot depends on the personal attitude one has towards life. It is not right to assume that just because one is above 40 years he or she would be too eager or indifferent towards one’s loved one.


Is Benaughty.Com The Best Dating Site For People Over 40?

There are dating websites and then there are dating websites which promise a lot of fun and action on the side. Benaughty is definitely a member of the latter. The key is how to use benaughty to find a date with people over 40, and this is not as hard as it looks at first glance, given the tons of features the site is equipped with. Signing up on this site is as easy as it gets, you fill in your gender, date of birth, email id, postal code or zip code, and a special password to protect your account from unauthorised access. After clicking on the sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation mail which has your email as well as password for the site, lest you forget it in future.


At benaughty , you can expect interaction with kinky persons and should be prepared for some steamy and racy conversations, if you’re a tame kind of person, this site is just not for you as you will be overwhelmed with crouching cougars and hidden sugar mommas. This site hosts one of the biggest platforms for dirty and sticky conversations and hook-ups, and those on this platform like to take things playfully and have no qualms about promiscuity. You have freedom to flirt, hook up and watch a video session of your over 40 dating cougar giving you a strip show if she so desires. This site constantly works to improve upon itself and the results are evident. It has a user base of over 60 million people!

Once you log into this website and receive a few messages, you need to upgrade your membership in order to read these messages. Before upgrading, it would be wise to upload pictures of yourself and a short and interesting description of yourself for free. I’m saying this for your benefit; you need to see what kind of response you get before subscribing. I did it too, and was pleasantly surprised to find quite a number of women over 40 dating, who went through my basic profile in just a day.

It is not for nothing that benaughty is the best dating site for 40 years old women and younger women eager to be with them. Statistics do not lie, the site has over two thousand followers on Google, and this was in 2014. Imagine the exponential growth since! It also forms a part of the Cupidpic network of sites for dating purposes.

dating women over 40

In order to become a full fledged member of benaughty with all the associated perks, you need to have a membership. For three days its $4.47, for a period of a month, the membership cost is $34.99, if you choose to stick with benaughty for three months, you need to pay $59.96 and if it’s six months, subscription will cost you $95.94.

The best feature of this site is the chat rooms. The search feature using maps is also very useful. If you head over to the activities section, you’ll find all the latest news. The site boasts a new design and navigation options, and you can also send a single salacious message to multiple people at the same time. The layout is designed so that navigation is easier than before and communication can be initiated at the click of a button with the cougar you desire. You can additionally send SMS to users as well.

You’ll find that a lot of time will be consumed in going over the profiles of women if you do not take the advantage of sending flirty messages simultaneously to a number of them at the same time. Chances are that you will land a hot and eager cougar, wet between her legs not before long. You can filter the responses you get from these messages and narrow down your selection pool to a few, and with them you can have all the fun in the world. They’re sure to be discreet, because chances are they have a family and wouldn’t want their husbands or kids to know what they were doing while out shopping. As far as my experience on this website goes, I had a nice sugar momma with an anal craving which her husband couldn’t satisfy and boy, did she respond quickly to my message. In fact she said she wanted to meet s soon as time permitted, those were her exact words. On another occasion, I was subjected to a good spanking by a cougar who said she got off on kinky things like that.  It was a first timer for me, and I was pink all over after the session, the intensity of this 40 tear old caught me off guard or I would have timed it better. But I don’t have regrets about it whatsoever and we continue to meet when possible and the fact that she lives in the locality helps. At the moment, I’m seeing a woman whose husband is a banker and cannot give her time, in addition she suspects he’s banging his secretary, hence she has no qualms whatsoever in jumping into bed with me for some fellatio. Like I told you guys, expect the unexpected on this website. That’s what makes it unique.

The pros of this website are that singles nowadays do not take relationships as seriously as before, and casual encounters are the order of the day. In spite of that you’ll find a small percentage of them who are open to a serious relationship and if so, you need to evaluate the situation before committing, what consequences it might have on your future career and most importantly, if you’ll be able to give her adequate time. Another big plus is the features of communication available, including chat and video. This opens up a plethora of possibilities for the imaginative mind and can set the tone for a good toss in bed down the line. All in all is an excellent website for those who are looking to risqué it. Reading more


Best Online Dating Tips For Dating 40 Plus Vegetarians! 

Over 40 plus dating and that too vegetarian dating is quite a combination. It is not only an interesting combo but a dating path which can be full of hurdles before the couples finds a middle way and hits the smooth road. There are many 40 plus dating sites that lets you start the second innings of love and romance with lot of ease and convenience. But, finding a person with same interests and that too similar food interest about which people are so particular can be quite difficult task. Thanks to all the food and health awareness, lot of people across the globe are adopting vegetarianism, raw vegetarianism, vegan and raw vegan.

vegetarian dating over 40

If you are 40 plus and vegetarian and looking forward to the concept of online dating, then we have come up with few tips that can help you in the entire dating process. Who knows you find a soul mate at fourth or fifth decade of your life.

  • Usually 40 plus people who enter the world of dating are more comfortable with virtual platform rather than approaching a girl or boy in person. Online dating has proved to be quite useful for such people who are looking for companions but are not extrovert enough to approach someone directly. If you are a vegetarian don’t feel bad about the fact. On the contrary be vocal about it and let the world know that you not only care about your health but you also have lot of sensitivity towards slaughtering of poor animals.
  • Finding a person with similar food interest can be very helpful in successful dating. Now a day’s many dating websites and online dating apps promote vegetarian dating. On such websites and apps you can find a person with similar food interest as of you. It is better you register on such websites rather than the usual ones who entertain both vegetarian and non vegetarian preference profiles on them. You definitely don’t want to feel disgusted on the very first date when your partner orders meat and you are not able to bear the site of it.
  • Try looking for a vegetarian single that fits in your criteria perfectly. There will be definitely many singles that have similar eating preferences and habits like you. You will not only have many things in common to talk about but you will also enjoy the first date as good food of your choice is the gateway to the success of the first date.
  • Vegetarian dating sites are full of vegetarian enthusiasts who constantly share amazing vegetarian recopies and diet tips for other members on the forum. Being able to share and exchange knowledge at the age of 40 plus is a very good therapy to boost your morale and self confidence. Becoming a part of such groups and finding that one person who understands you can be the best thing that can happen to you at the given age.


10 Tips On How To Use Online Dating Sites For People Over 40

If you are looking for how to use the best dating sites for over 40 then you have come to the right place.  We have come up with 10 tips on how to utilise the best dating sites for over 40.  These sites have been proved to help those dating over 40.

Use Websites for Dating Over 40

There are a lot of dating websites on the internet, more than one can shake a stick at.  With all of these options it is hard to pick which dating site or sites are right for you.  Using websites specifically designed for dating over 40 will help give you the best odds of finding the right person.

Smile In Your Profile Pictures

Later we will talk about how crafting your profile is important to how people view you but your photographs are also important.  Make sure that the pictures you use are high quality and show your personality.  Most importantly though, you want to make sure that you are smiling in all of your pictures.  Smiles help people connect with you and they show positivity and warmth.

Be Prepared To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

We all have our own comfort zones.  Areas that we feel comfortable.  But when you are dating someone you will often have to learn to step outside of that comfort zone.  Try new things, and be open to new ideas.  This may sound scary and/or intimidating and it is.  The more you get out there though, the better it will be.

Keeping an Open Mind

In order to truly succeed in dating anyone, especially when using dating sites over 40, you need to keep an open mind.  While that person with that amazing body picture might seem hot, that person with the lesser picture might have the better personality.  Finding a person with a personality that matches yours is one of the keys to a good relationship.

Spend Time Crafting A Profile

People online don’t judge you by your communication.  The first point of judgement you will reach is when someone reads your profile.  They will take the information from your profile and determine whether you are a good fit or not.  Spend some time crafting a profile that portrays you as you really are.

Talk About Your Passions

Talk about your passions on your profile and during private messaging sessions.  Your passions will help you to be more forward and more true to yourself.  They also help you appear like you are the happiest person in the world, which is a major plus when dating.

Get Rid of Your Baggage

Want to know what holds a lot of people back when they are using dating sites over 40?  Baggage.   When you start dating over 40 you need to get rid of any baggage that you might have had in past relationships.  Despite your age, you are trying something new, focus on that, not what has happened before.

Don’t Lie

It may sound exciting and fun to lie on your dating profile.  Even a white lie might sound like it will improve your profile but what it really does is create unrealistic expectations.  If you don’t lie you are more likely to find a real match that you actually want to date.

Learn From Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes, especially when dating.  Those mistakes are the best lessons though.  We can take from what we fail at, what to do better next time, where we can improve, change our mindsets, and more.  Mistakes are only our way of finding out how to better ourselves.

Keep Privacy In Mind

You might not want every person who sees your profile online to know exactly who you are.  When you are completing your profile keep the idea of privacy in mind.  Don’t post more than your first name and use pictures that aren’t on social media websites.  This helps to maximise your privacy.

Now that you have the best tips for dating sites over 40 you know how to use online dating sites for people over 40.  Get out there, get dating, and have fun.  The most important thing is that you have fun.


How To Write Dating Profile On Over 40 Dating Sites?

If you thought that online dating is restricted to people in their twenties or thirties then you’ve probably got it wrong! This is because over 40 dating is increasing to be equally popular, where more and more people get into action to discover the partner of their dreams.

dating over 40

But, a crucial aspect of online dating is the profile. It is a reflection of who you are and the match that you are looking for. Hence, it is often said to be the platform where you can create your first impression: making others know why you are the best they can find. Proper attention and details are must when you are filling the different sections of the profile.

Still if you are not sure how to work it out and are facing complications while writing the profile then this article is here for the rescue. As, this will discuss the 6 golden rules that should be followed when you are framing down your thoughts for an incredible profile for dating over 40.

1. Answer The Questions Completely

Profile often comprises of a list of likes, dislikes and much more that can be beneficial when you are looking for potential match. Besides this there are certain questions asked to know a little more about your preferences and thoughts. Instead of stating a simple yes or no In such areas, make sure that you answer them completely. Because your answers will make the readers aware of your personality and the type of date that you are looking for.

For instance, if a question states “What are the things that are important in your life?”. The answer to this may be your passion, art or something else but never mention them randomly. Rather take good amount of time, add a bit of history involving why that particular thing is so vital and how it manifests your life. At the end of the day, it’s all about thinking out of the box to have the best dating profile over 40.

2. Just The Right Balance of Humor Can Do The Trick

Dating sites over 40 do ask many questions but each and every answer does not have to be straightforward or to the point. Add the right spark of humor into them and see the difference it can create. The more you are going to make the readers smile, the more interested they will be in you. Both men and women have a thing for humor and this can never be denied.

3. Remember, Be Creative & Honest; It’s All About You

There is no other person in the world who knows you better than “you” itself. So, realize what are those qualities that you behold and depict them in the profile wonderfully. You can even be creative with this, as it’s all about you, and your creativity will say it all.

4. Have A Great Bio That Makes The Wonder

Another important part that should never be neglected in online dating over 40 is the bio. Keep it brief, but do share everything that you want your partner to know. This brings a special note to the profile, and makes it stand apart from the crowd.


10 ways to make a good first impression when dating woman over 40!

Are you a single over 40 and looking for someone of your age and compatibility to spend time with? Dating has become a quite common phenomenon for people in age group of 40’s and 50’s. Initially it was not a very convenient process to start as breaking the ice or initialising the conversation was an embarrassing thing to do. But now there are n numbers of over 40 dating sites providing virtual platform to such people for initiating the dating process. After initial chatting on the dating website, come the turn of meeting each other. If you want to impress your woman on the first date then we have come up with some very handy tips.

dating woman over 40

Selecting location of the date:

Dating sites over 40 are full of all kind of people with different social and economic backgrounds. You have to be very careful in selecting the location of the date as it is the first and the foremost thing that will cast an impression on the woman you will be dating. Make sure that you consider her likes and dislikes too before selecting the location. It should be economical and convenient for both.


Another very important factor that will cast an impression on the woman. Woman like witty men with good sense of humour. Keep some good one liner handy to charm her. But do not look desperate as desperation will definitely bring you negative marking. Keep the conversation light and humorous. Since it your first meeting and you both will be struggling to break the ice, it will be better you do not touch any controversial or too personal topics on the first date.

Take interest in her life

Women especially over 40 usually want to be listened. They like the men who are patient enough to grant them an ear. This releases stress bursting hormones in them and they feel all the more relaxed and comfortable. Take interest in their life but don’t get too personal on the first meet itself. Knowing about her life will also give you a fair judgement about what kind of a person she is.

Meet her with a gift

This is basic rule of dating that you should not meet your date empty handed. Select a nice and decent gift for the lady. The gift should be appropriate as per her age and taste. Don’t buy a very expensive gift on the first date as it may make an impression that you are a show off. A very cheap gift will not make you look classy. So select a decent and sophisticated gift for her.

Punctuality is very important:

Another thing that has to be kept in mind is punctuality. Don’t be late on your first date. A single woman who is over 40 will definitely not like to wait for you on the very first meeting. It will send out the indication that you are not much interested and have other important things on mind. Make sure you reach the venue on time and welcome your lady in a classy way.

Dress up can bring some brownie points to you

Most of the women and especially elderly women over 40 judge the major personality of the man by his clothes. The clothing gives them a fair idea about what kind of a person this man will be. Woman has an intuitive power which can tell her about the man just by looking at the clothes. Though not all women have it but why do you want to take chances. Try to wear something decent yet smart and attractive.

Body Language speaks more than your tongue will

No matter whatever your tongue is speaking, your body language will show you’re honest and sincerity to the woman. Most men charm their dates on the very first meet just by a sincere and deep eye contact. Don’t give away your desperation to charm the woman by any kind of negative body language.


It is a well known fact that woman of any age gets attracted towards strong and powerful men. They like the subtle dominance of the men. Make sure you take the lead and try making your woman comfortable on the first meeting.

Keep it short and sweet:

First date should be short and sweet. Stretching it for long hours may bore one of you and it curtails the chances of a second meet. A short meeting will keep you excited about meeting again.

Be focused

Wine, music, flowers, ambience or any other thing may make you carried away and you might end up saying or doing something you should not have said or done. It is better you be focused on the first date and say all the politically correct things.