Is Benaughty.Com The Best Dating Site For People Over 40?

#1 seniormatchThere are dating websites and then there are dating websites which promise a lot of fun and action on the side. Benaughty is definitely a member of the latter. The key is how to use benaughty to find a date with people over 40, and this is not as hard as it looks at first glance, given the tons of features the site is equipped with. Signing up on this site is as easy as it gets, you fill in your gender, date of birth, email id, postal code or zip code, and a special password to protect your account from unauthorised access. After clicking on the sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation mail which has your email as well as password for the site, lest you forget it in future.

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At benaughty , you can expect interaction with kinky persons and should be prepared for some steamy and racy conversations, if you’re a tame kind of person, this site is just not for you as you will be overwhelmed with crouching cougars and hidden sugar mommas. This site hosts one of the biggest platforms for dirty and sticky conversations and hook-ups, and those on this platform like to take things playfully and have no qualms about promiscuity. You have freedom to flirt, hook up and watch a video session of your over 40 dating cougar giving you a strip show if she so desires. This site constantly works to improve upon itself and the results are evident. It has a user base of over 60 million people!

Once you log into this website and receive a few messages, you need to upgrade your membership in order to read these messages. Before upgrading, it would be wise to upload pictures of yourself and a short and interesting description of yourself for free. I’m saying this for your benefit; you need to see what kind of response you get before subscribing. I did it too, and was pleasantly surprised to find quite a number of women over 40 dating, who went through my basic profile in just a day.

It is not for nothing that benaughty is the best dating site for 40 years old women and younger women eager to be with them. Statistics do not lie, the site has over two thousand followers on Google, and this was in 2014. Imagine the exponential growth since! It also forms a part of the Cupidpic network of sites for dating purposes.

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In order to become a full fledged member of benaughty with all the associated perks, you need to have a membership. For three days its $4.47, for a period of a month, the membership cost is $34.99, if you choose to stick with benaughty for three months, you need to pay $59.96 and if it’s six months, subscription will cost you $95.94.

The best feature of this site is the chat rooms. The search feature using maps is also very useful. If you head over to the activities section, you’ll find all the latest news. The site boasts a new design and navigation options, and you can also send a single salacious message to multiple people at the same time. The layout is designed so that navigation is easier than before and communication can be initiated at the click of a button with the cougar you desire. You can additionally send SMS to users as well.

You’ll find that a lot of time will be consumed in going over the profiles of women if you do not take the advantage of sending flirty messages simultaneously to a number of them at the same time. Chances are that you will land a hot and eager cougar, wet between her legs not before long. You can filter the responses you get from these messages and narrow down your selection pool to a few, and with them you can have all the fun in the world. They’re sure to be discreet, because chances are they have a family and wouldn’t want their husbands or kids to know what they were doing while out shopping. As far as my experience on this website goes, I had a nice sugar momma with an anal craving which her husband couldn’t satisfy and boy, did she respond quickly to my message.

In fact she said she wanted to meet s soon as time permitted, those were her exact words. On another occasion, I was subjected to a good spanking by a cougar who said she got off on kinky things like that.  It was a first timer for me, and I was pink all over after the session, the intensity of this 40 tear old caught me off guard or I would have timed it better. But I don’t have regrets about it whatsoever and we continue to meet when possible and the fact that she lives in the locality helps. At the moment, I’m seeing a woman whose husband is a banker and cannot give her time, in addition she suspects he’s banging his secretary, hence she has no qualms whatsoever in jumping into bed with me for some fellatio. Like I told you guys, expect the unexpected on this website. That’s what makes it unique.

The pros of this website are that singles nowadays do not take relationships as seriously as before, and casual encounters are the order of the day. In spite of that you’ll find a small percentage of them who are open to a serious relationship and if so, you need to evaluate the situation before committing, what consequences it might have on your future career and most importantly, if you’ll be able to give her adequate time. Another big plus is the features of communication available, including chat and video. This opens up a plethora of possibilities for the imaginative mind and can set the tone for a good toss in bed down the line. All in all is an excellent website for those who are looking to risqué it. Reading morevisit website


10 Tips On How To Use Online Dating Sites For People Over 40

If you are looking for how to use the best dating sites for over 40 then you have come to the right place.  We have come up with 10 tips on how to utilise the best dating sites for over 40.  These sites have been proved to help those dating over 40.

Use Websites for Dating Over 40

There are a lot of dating websites on the internet, more than one can shake a stick at.  With all of these options it is hard to pick which dating site or sites are right for you.  Using websites specifically designed for dating over 40 will help give you the best odds of finding the right person.

Smile In Your Profile Pictures

Later we will talk about how crafting your profile is important to how people view you but your photographs are also important.  Make sure that the pictures you use are high quality and show your personality.  Most importantly though, you want to make sure that you are smiling in all of your pictures.  Smiles help people connect with you and they show positivity and warmth.

Be Prepared To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

We all have our own comfort zones.  Areas that we feel comfortable.  But when you are dating someone you will often have to learn to step outside of that comfort zone.  Try new things, and be open to new ideas.  This may sound scary and/or intimidating and it is.  The more you get out there though, the better it will be.

Keeping an Open Mind

In order to truly succeed in dating anyone, especially when using dating sites over 40, you need to keep an open mind.  While that person with that amazing body picture might seem hot, that person with the lesser picture might have the better personality.  Finding a person with a personality that matches yours is one of the keys to a good relationship.

Spend Time Crafting A Profile

People online don’t judge you by your communication.  The first point of judgement you will reach is when someone reads your profile.  They will take the information from your profile and determine whether you are a good fit or not.  Spend some time crafting a profile that portrays you as you really are.

Talk About Your Passions

Talk about your passions on your profile and during private messaging sessions.  Your passions will help you to be more forward and more true to yourself.  They also help you appear like you are the happiest person in the world, which is a major plus when dating.

Get Rid of Your Baggage

Want to know what holds a lot of people back when they are using dating sites over 40?  Baggage.   When you start dating over 40 you need to get rid of any baggage that you might have had in past relationships.  Despite your age, you are trying something new, focus on that, not what has happened before.

Don’t Lie

It may sound exciting and fun to lie on your dating profile.  Even a white lie might sound like it will improve your profile but what it really does is create unrealistic expectations.  If you don’t lie you are more likely to find a real match that you actually want to date.

Learn From Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes, especially when dating.  Those mistakes are the best lessons though.  We can take from what we fail at, what to do better next time, where we can improve, change our mindsets, and more.  Mistakes are only our way of finding out how to better ourselves.

Keep Privacy In Mind

You might not want every person who sees your profile online to know exactly who you are.  When you are completing your profile keep the idea of privacy in mind.  Don’t post more than your first name and use pictures that aren’t on social media websites.  This helps to maximise your privacy.

Now that you have the best tips for dating sites over 40 you know how to use online dating sites for people over 40.  Get out there, get dating, and have fun.  The most important thing is that you have fun.


Dating In Your 40s And Best Dating Tips For Over 40

Your age is not a bar for dating. So whether in your 20s or in your 40s, you are eligible to date any one and on any day you want. Nothing in this planet can stop you from seeing a person you wish. If you had skipped dating in your teens, 20s or 30s you probably might find it difficult to approach for a date in your 40s. None the less, time has not yet flown for your hands and you can still grab some lessons on dating reviews and dating singles over 40.

Some of the chosen and best dating tips for over 40 are underwritten: 

  • Keep a relaxed mind set: – Since there is no pressure of marriage and having kids, dating in your 40s is probably the best time to date in a relaxed mind set.
  • Be self assured: – Behaving or being a self assured person during over 40 dating will keep the steam alive between both the partners.
  • No fertile years to run away: – Since you have already cherished your fertile years so you can date any single mother, surrogate female or an infertile mother and the vice versa.
  • Clear your identity: – Dating means hanging around with the soul mate for the most of the time of your free schedule. If you tend hide any of identity your work schedule could be problem in the relationship.
  • Figure out what is important: – At the age of 40, one is matured enough to set his or her priorities in comparison with the teenagers. So make sure you don’t miss out on this point.
  • Past mistakes: – If you have any, please don’t repeat.


Never mind this fact you have been still single until 40s or during 40s you became single, divorced, widowed and etc. Whatever the scenario be, dating in your 40s is not at difficult of anyone of us. This is because time and age might not have always been feasible for all of us. Love does not come with training. It just happens.  So if you have never been in love in your initial time span of life, you can find a middle age life partner and opt for midlife dating. On the other hand there are many great things which can be done when you are over 40 dating.

However there are many theories which have been scaring the 40+ generation stating that over 40 dating can be daunting and less overwhelming.  Whereas the situation here my friend is other way round. Dating in your 40s can be the easiest time to date. At this point of time in life, one might feel like being a 25 year old again and yet have all the privileges of a 40 year old. So if life has not been fair with you in the past until your 40s, you can date using best dating tips for over 40 from the online dating storm occurring in the internet.