When you hit 50, you should date a younger man? Why?

So you’re over 50 and you’re seeking younger men. That’s great news. In facts it’s fantastic. It’s not a state secret that lots of older women like to date younger men. Some surveys say that about 35% of older women like and prefer dating younger men. So what makes these two opposites click? Isn’t it natural for a younger man to date someone his age? The answer is a bit more complicated than it appears on the surface.

over 50 dating dinner

Women over 50 dating younger men have a lot of reasons for doing so. First on the list is that younger men in their 20’s and 30’s are more full of life and virile. They are more active and carry less if not no baggage with them. The cougars are aware that age is not kind to anyone. Surely a younger, athletic man would stand more chances that a man in his 40’s and 50’s who may be married, divorced, has children, a beer belly and thinning hair to boot? This is especially applicable to older women who take time out of their schedule to stay in prime shape, and spend loads of money on beauty treatment regimes. They want to get their money’s worth of flesh, pardon me the expression.

Over 50 dating would typically involve a lunch or dinner appointment, followed by a tumble in the haystack. In this regard, an older woman has way more experience in bed than a younger man; it gives her a sense of control and dominance, which is a heady rush and addictive as well. She can order her toy boy around in bed, while she’s in charge of proceedings. A lot of pleasure is what she derives out of this kind of relationship, and moreover the pressure of performing well in bed is transferred from the cougar to the cub, so that she can express herself fully.

The lack of choice is a big obstacle in the path of a woman who is in her 50’s. Most men her age are already taken, divorced and bitter, or simply not interested. Best dating sites for over 50 solves all these problems at the drop of a hat. Younger men are more than willing to enter into a relationship with older women because it gives them bragging rights over their peer group as well as a sense of adventure.

Women over 50 dating younger men are transported to a life that they had all but forgotten. The playful romance and dates take these women back to the days when they were young and energetic, full of life. Harsh as it may sound, life after 50 can become a bit of a drag, and we should not ever judge these women standing on a moral platform because one day, we’ll be in their shoes and feel pretty much the same. A cougar can catch up with the latest trends, movies, technology and music after being introduced to them by her young man.

A lot of women over 50 seeking younger men do so because they like to let off a bit of steam. There’s nothing like having an affair on the sly to get the hormones flowing. It’s akin to a toddler or a child doing something they are forbidden to. The elusive nature of these relationships make the cougar relish it even more. Younger guys are less serious, and they can be a lot of fun to be with. They do not take life as seriously yet, and their youthful outlook is bound to brush off on their cougars.