Safe Ways For Senior Dating Online

Dating online and socialising is a great way for seniors to find their perfect match, someone who shares similar interests, opinions and thoughts as you do. However, considering the increasing number of scammers out there, being cautious about safety turns out to be of utmost importance. Not sure how to remain secured when using senior dating app and are looking for the best ways to keep yourself protected?

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Worry no more, as this article features the top five tips that must be followed in order to ensure safe online dating for seniors.

1. Choose a reliable platform

The first and perhaps the most obvious thing is: “join the best dating sites or apps that guarantee the safety of the user”. Therefore, before selecting any platform or understanding how to use a senior dating app take optimal time to research more about the various aspects and what do its previous users have to say. Reputable platforms are often equipped with email verification and high standard security encryption so that only 100% genuine singles are part of the community.

2. Create your profile cautiously

Well, building a profile is part of almost every senior dating apps. This is one of those key elements that allows people to know more about you even before they have contacted you. Now, while working with the profile make sure that you fill the information cautiously. Though it can be great to have a complete and detailed profile, yet sharing too much personal information is not such a wise idea either.

Learn to prioritise critical information and never share them on your profile at once, because this can make you prone to scammer attack in no time.   

3. Beware of the scammers

There are many signals that indicate the person whom you are dating online might be a scammer, and making note of the same can apparently save you from potential threats. Some of these are:

  • Professing their love quickly: Scammers are eager to make their move, and thus state that they are in love and that too at a relatively early stage of conversation. Often it is seen that women become a victim of such thieves while men are misled thinking that they are dating a younger women.
  • Not being able to meet: The main agenda of senior dating app is to help you find someone whom you can date for real. But, for thieves it only about virtual contact that ultimately leads to cash transfer and then they are gone! A common trend is that scammers urge you to get off the site or app so that do not remain under the privacy restrictions of the platform.
  • The financial crisis story: Well, it’s no longer a mystery that scammers need money, and to get it they often frame stories indicating how miserable their financial situation is and they require money immediately. It’s the same in almost every case, so never ever fall a prey for it.

4. Always meet at a public place first

Even if you trust the person you have met online blindly, still to remain on a safer side it is best to fix the first date at a public spot. This can be anything to happening places of the town, cafes or more; that will give you an opportunity to know more about each other and at the same time keep you safe and protected.

5. Take advantage of app’s compatibility list

Most of the apps scrutinise the users who are part of their community and then generate a list of potential partners. Identifying your ultimate match that particular list of users is perhaps the safest way to date online.


How To Write Perfect Dating Profile To Attract Seniors?

Many a person is turning to the internet in order to find companionship. While it’s alright and easy to write a profile for women/men your age, it’s quite not the same ball game when it comes to senior dating. There are many stages to creating a good senior dating profile; each and every step needs careful understanding and scrutiny. With the advent of smartphones there has been an onslaught of senior dating apps with plenty of takers. A senior dating app can be downloaded from the internet to your smartphone for free, though membership is not always free.

dating profile how to write

  1. What kind of person are you looking for: Before you get down to writing a dating profile, ask yourself what type of person you want to meet online. Your profile should be tailored to attract exactly that kind of a person.
  2. Take a new and updated photo: You just cannot go rummaging in your high school or graduation albums for a photo because that would not be a correct representation of how you look now. Years have passed, so take a new and current photo, with a good backdrop. Use a high resolution, because grainy photos don’t really make the cut.
  3. Fun and Positive: A great dating profile should give out positive vibes and at the same time be fun to read. Do not write about boring stuff, because all people do that. Remember that a good dating profile does not have stuff on it that moans and groans. Nobody wants to see you complain, especially a potential catch.
  4. Avoid taboo subjects: Besides avoiding negativity, your profile should avoid discussing things like religion and politics. A good profile should make the person seeing it interested in wanting to meet you. A sense of personality should be projected, along with clear ideals. After you start dating the person, you can start sharing more intimate details, but keep your profile short and sweet.
  5. What do you love?: Besides the all too obvious sex, talk about things that you love doing, and try to write things that you’re genuinely interested in. For example, you might like colleting stamps, so list that as a hobby, or fish keeping; something out of the ordinary that attracts attention. Avoid overdone clichés.
  6. It’s not an essay: Remember this golden rule, don’t make it sound like a boring and tedious essay. Your profile should have fun and spontaneity in it, along with a good dose of humour. It should be a flowing and easy read.
  7. To the point: Try to be as specific as you can. A generic dating profile won’t do. There are millions of them out there and they get overlooked all the time. Statements like “I love to travel” just don’t make the cut, I’m sorry. Where do you like to travel? There are lots of places in the world, duh.
  8. Take your own sweet time: This is a common mistake and please avoid it at all costs. You do not need to rush yourself, there’s no plane to catch here. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself when you start writing. It’s better to have a rough draft and then work on it.
  9. Concise: People are busy and do not have the time to go over all the details, so be as concise as you can; this is why I put stress on point 8. Having a rough draft helps.
  10. 10. Always be what you are: There’s no point in lying about yourself. Sooner or later you’ll be going out on a date and you don’t really want to be in over your head.